March 16th


So… I took the train and afterwards my plane to Tokyo Haneda yesterday. After several complications in Germany, everything came out to be alright. The check-in at the airport (my own and of my luggage), saying goodbye to my friends and family, walking in through the controls and finally finding my gate ended all nicely (even though the goodbyes were really hard). The boarding was on time and there were no problems as well.
After I found my seat (once again premium seat: at the window with nice persons next to me) I packed my luggage the way I needed everything and started to relax a bit. I used my time left until we’d set off to text with my family and then turned off my mobile phone.

Since it was a long-distance-flight, I had my own display with various films and music I could choose. So I watched some films until we got dinner (which was really delicious). It contained some salad and cold green-tea-noodles with wasabi, a sweet bread with butter, grilled chicken-breast with barbecue sauce, pumpkin-vegetables and corn-puree. The dessert was a small piece of chocolate cake with berries on top and a mini chocolate:

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After eating, I tried my best to get some sleep, because in Germany it was around 9 PM so no time to go to sleep, but in Japan it was already 5AM so a good time to somehow already get up again. The exhausting day was a great help at that time. Soon I became sleepy and I could get some hours of really good sleep (let me recommend to take a neck cushion and a sleeping mask with you and if you have problems with noises don’t forget your earplugs!)

As I woke up I found that the Crew placed some documents, which had to be filled in, in front of my seat. I didn’t know how to fill in some of the fields, but everyone was very friendly and helped me out.

Some hours later, we got our breakfast. It contained potatoes, scrambled eggs, mini chicken pieces, cheddar cheese, a sweet bread with butter and strawberry jam and fruits, which tasted all good as well:


Of course, the Crew often offered drinks to everyone. You could choose between several alcoholic drinks, Softdrinks, Water, Juice, Tea and Coffee and it was also possible to ask for two or three cups.

As I had finished my breakfast I took a look at the flight information, just to find out there were only 2 hours left until we’d arrive in Tokyo. I got super excited and just dreamed about my time there and looked out of the window to find this wonderful view:


Soon we came to the Japanese coast and just a few minutes later, we already arrived at the airport.
I packed and took all of my belongings with me, left the plane and followed the other people to the customs-control. Here I needed one of the documents I filled in at the plane. They kept it, took my fingerprints and a photo and checked my passport before inscribing the details of my arrival.
Even though the German staff was very friendly as well, I once again found out, how much of a difference is between German and Japanese friendly. I felt much more welcome and like they really cared about me, my safety and my health.

After the first control was done, I could go to get my luggage. Instead of German speed with this, where you sometimes need to wait and wait and wait for several hours until they just START the baggage reclaim, in Japan they worked way faster so I just had to wait until I found my backpack. The reclaim had already started before I was done with the custom control, which took just a few minutes (maybe around 30 including our way from the plane to the control-hall and the time I had to wait, which was really short considering the number of passengers in front of me).

Next I had to go to another control. Here I needed the second document I got at the plane. It was about duty free goods, restricted and prohibited goods and commercial goods. Since I had none of them with me, everything was finished fast. They just asked how long I’ll stay and subsequently I was done. I could walk with my luggage into the arrival hall and checked the signs. There was no problem with reading them at all, because all of them were in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English. So it took me no time to find the train I needed to take next. I walked towards the train station and stopped at the information desk to buy a Pasmo Card for my stay in Tokyo. Equipped with this handy card, I got to the train station, just to find out it wasn’t as easy as I thought to find the right train. I found my line, but there were several trains with different destinations and I did not know, which one to take.

This is another great example for kindness of everyone in Japan. I just stood there a few minutes without knowing what to do and soon a very nice guy started talking to me. He asked if he could help me and explained how I’d get to the station I wanted to arrive at. 30 minutes later, I got out of the train, found another information and asked for the bus stop. This ended in a short description “go right”. So I did and I found the bus stop, but didn’t notice. That was the reason for me running around the area, searching for a bus stop I already stood next to. Another 30 minutes passed until I finally found the bus stop and soon I could hop in and it brought me to my hotel.

Once again the check-in was no problem at all and soon I had got the key for my locker and the number of my capsule, which is just perfect for me. The locker could be bigger, but I guess no one would ever imagine that someone with that much luggage would want to stay in a Capsule Hotel, so I knew there would probably be not enough space for everything. Still it took me quite a while to organize everything. But now I am happy with my sleeping buddy (my backpack) lying next to me every night, while everything else is save in the locker:


When I was done with arriving and making myself a home, I decided to go out for a while and look around a little. I will continue this tomorrow as well.

Since the day was very tiring, I took a quick bath in the onsen of my hotel and also went into the sauna for some minutes before I sat down to write this text and find out some destinations for tomorrow.


 おやすみ みんあ (^-^ゞ


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