March 18th

Today I started my day once again with a jog. This time the right direction. Nevertheless the rout was not what I expected. I wanted to jog in a park and I did. For 5 minutes. I  needed 10 minutes to get to that park and then 5-10 minutes when there was no park anymore so I had to run through the city again. It was still fun and I guess a better course than my first one.

After that I took a bath and decided to visit Akihabara today. So I searched for it on maps and found out I could walk there in less than an hour. So I did. On my way I stopped at a gorgeous Ramen-shop and tried some delicious Chicken Ramen.

Then I continued my way to Akihabara, taking some pictures during my walk, especially from some beautiful Sakura-trees.

In Akihabara, I began my tour at Chabara and 2k540. Both were just amazing!
In Chabara, they had many food and drinks to try so I took several different things that were all delicious. Still I decided to go out of the store without buying something, since it was rather expensive.
2k540 was like a little mall under a bridge. Many small shops could be found there and every single one of them was unique and had beautiful articles.

I continued my route with walking to the beautiful Kanda Myojin-Shrine. It was just in the middle of the town, surrounded by normal buildings. It was just the same with Yushima Sedo. A park and shrine near the Myojin-Shrine. This one was beautiful as well and in addition to that, there were just a few people around.

From those shrines, I walked on to hijiri bridge. The view you have from up there is amazing! You can see two Metro-lines. One of the crosses the river and then disappears into a tunnel, the other one is just on top of it, crossing it’s way some meters above.

My route then brought me to the antique book quarter. There were not only books but also many Restaurants and Cafès. I could have walked into so many, but always moved on, because I wanted to visit mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi, which is an old train station that was restaurated and now had many Restaurants, Shops and Cafès in it. Now I finally brought something: A coffee latte and some pastry. Like everything else in Japan, it was delicious!


Then I walked on to Chuo-dori, the street with all those huge electronic-device and Anime and Manga Merch buildings. You could find almost everything here! I especially took pictures of the merch and the costumed stuff.

While I did this, I got interested by a maid. She asked me if I wanted to visit the maid Cafè and of course I agreed. I can tell you: It’s worth it! I had to pay an entrance fee and had to order a least one article. So I decided for some ice cream. First I thought, it was super expensive, but as I received my large portion with so many ingredients and such a cute design, I scrapped these thoughts.
The maids were all really cute and caring and they did their best to entertain everyone. While I was there they also had a show in which they performed several songs with cute dances. It was really worth the fee! I enjoyed it very much.
Nevertheless I had to leave after some time, so I could continue my way and visit everything I wanted to see.

I walked to the end of this street, then got on the other side and walked back. On my wy back, I got to the Animation Center, which had many of my little souvenirs (free promotial magazines). Then I searched for the Kiayodo Hobby Lobby, but I couldn’t find the building even after I ran around in that area five times. So I decided it was time to head back home.
Since it was already 7 pm and my way would take me round an hour by foot, I took the train and walked just the last kilometer from the train station to my hotel. Now there is only one thing left: relaxing in the onsen before going to bed~


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