March 20th

This Post will be a really really short one. 

I had to take a Day off. Maybe you will think “you’re just looking around, sightseeing and doing literally nothing” and yes. I do. But this is more exhausting than you might think. I walk as much as possible and I can feel how my feet and legs are complaining. My muscles hurt whenever I had to take some stairs (down hurts as much as up) so this Day was really needed. 

I sat around, tried to watch anime which was impossible since my Browser always told me “this is not available in your country” and so I decided to play Pokémon. 

In the evening I got outside for a slow walk through the city to some conbinis to look for something that might catch my eye but I just bought some coffee in my hotel in the end. And that’s all I did today (okay i did Plan and Note and prepare a lot as well but shh~ don’t tell anyome😜)

And now I will go to bed rather early~


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