March 21st

So… A new day started with so much energy now! The day off really helped me a lot. I had so much motivation and was just happy and felt great. Even though this was my first rainy day in Japan!
Still it was somehow really funny. At first I thought, my jacket would be enough to protect me. But soon I noticed, that I was wrong. So I took out my poncho (looking super weird in it cause it’s just huge and I had anything, including my backpack, underneath it). And just a few minutes later I felt like this wasn’t enough either. So I jumped into a conbini and bought the most wonderful umbrella ever!

Umbrella-san and I are best friends now. We took so many selfies together. Someone also asked if he should take a photo of both of us. And I also made a picture of umbrella-san and he took a picture of me~

So I had a good friend right next to me from that time on. We walked through the Ginza and looked at all those amazing buildings.

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Then we stopped in “Crossing Café, where they can print every picture you want on a Latte Macchiato! It was amazing! I decided for the following pic and just have a look for yourself at the results:

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After the revitalizing stop, we continued our route and had a look on the Ginza Kabukiza. We didn’t enter, because both of us thought it was just a little too expensive, plus we would have to wait for ages!
So we only took some pictures and then moved on to the Tsukiji-Hongwanji-Temple. It was surrounded by a huge construction area. At first I thought, nobody was allowed to enter the whole area but after asking, the security crew told me to just walk on. So I did and got to have a look at the temple from the inside. It looked gorgeous like most Buddhists temples.

Then umbrella-san and I walked to Tsukiji market. It was very crowded and there were many interesting foods and also some goods that were sold. Nevertheless I did not feel the urge to try most of them.

At that time it was around noon so I decided to move on. Next stop was Simbashi station, which was harder to find than I thought. I just walked around a place of whom I thought it could be the station just to notice after quite a while, that the station was around 100m next to it. As I finally got there, I had a look around and found Panasonic living showroom, Shiodome SIO site and Shiodome Media tower, but all the rooms I would have liked to walk into, were not open for the public. So I just had some time to dry a little inside these buildings.

Our route brought us next to the Zojoji Temple, which was the first temple I visited with no one else around. I could take beautiful pictures with the Tokyo Tower in the background and just as I tried to make another selfie with umbrella-san, somone asked if he should take a picture of us. I was really happy and let him soot us with the temple and the Tokyo Tower. The latest was my next destination. It was just a 10 minutes walk from the temple and it was just amazing! They had much Tokyo One Piece Tower decoration and inside was a Mugiwara store and Mugiwara Cafè (which was too expensive for my likes, so I decided to just have a look at it from the outside once again) as well as a One Piece Theme Park and Live Show! These are the kind of things, you’ll only find in Japan!

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Now I started my way back home. But I did not want to drive there via Metro again. No. I found out, there was a ship restaurant and I thought it might bring me back to Asakusa, but I was wrong. The ship restaurant just drove a round curse and they told me I would have to take the Tokyo water bus. So I walked to their pier and bought a ticket  and lucky me: the water bus was just about to start so I had to hurry and get on it. I always loved being on a boat or even just near the sea and so it was simply wonderful for me.


30 minutes later, I arrived in Asakusa. Here I stopped by at the Asashi brewery and this time I got up to their Cafè and bought a super expensive beer, which tasted really great. Another plus was the great view you had from up the 22nd floor.

Nevertheless I started to feel cold, since I was completely soaked from the never ending rain, so I really walked back to my hotel. Here I first of all had to take off my shoes and socks and change into another pants, because everything got super wet during the day. The nice staff of the hotel then dried my jeans and socks for free and lend me a hair dryer to dry my shoes.

After all of this was done, I sat down for my dinner and to relax the rest of this evening.


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