March 22nd

This Day was a very long one. And once again I have to admit: I need to slow down. Since I didn’t do that, I need another Day off. Maybe even two. I just walked around so much, my feet can’t handle it. The pain I feel right now is not just from walking like sore muscles and feet but more like a seriously Bad Kind of pain. 
Nevertheless this whole day was fun! I first drove to shibuya and oh my god it’s worth visiting! Almost every crossroad is crowded like hell and there are so many different amazing Parts in this City!

First there is shibuya hikarie, a huge building from which you can get an overview about it’s surroundings. Inside of it are also many Shops and Restaurants. 

The next amazing building is shibuya 109 the Main building has 8 floors with women clothes Shops. The side store 109 men’s has 7 floors with only amazing looking men clothes that are completely the style I love. I could have bought almost every single piece I saw there!!! If I will be rich someday,  this will be the first store to go to~
My route brought me to the Cat street and omotessando then. Once again many fashion Shops and here and there some crazy looking Young people. I don’t know if I have ever Seen so many fashion Shops. I felt like the whole distric was just… Fashion Shop after fashion Shop. Even at the takeshita dori were fashion Shops almost everywhere. Fashion and food. I bought so many different Kinds of food… All sakura special. And every single one tasted so damn great! But I liked sakura mochi pie and sakura Latte the most. 
After all this fashion and shopping around me, I decided to walk to papabubble. A Shop where they sell Marshmallows, surrounded by chocolate. Amazing! But I thought I already ate enough and didn’t buy something. 

Then I continued my route to the yoyogi Park and the meiji shrine. A really beautiful view, especially during the evening (Yes it was already that late)
After relaxing and filling up my energy here, I walked to shinjuku and the Tokyo City Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Gouvernmental Building). Here I had a wonderful view over tokyo at night.
After this long day, I wanted to drink a little and therfor I walked to the so called “golden gai” but there was nothing golden, but everything seemed scary, so I turned around and headed back to the next Metro station. 

And so I arrived home around 8 pm. What a Day… Now I am done. I won’t even take a bath or something. I just want to sleep. Good night. 
(pics will be uploaded later)


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