March 23rd

I told you yesterday, that I would be forced to take one day off again because of my hurting feet. I kind of did this. First of all I slept in this morning (so I got up at 8 am XD). Without hesitation, I took a bath, then organized and packed everything before getting dressed.
After drying my hair, I took everything I needed and walked through Asakusa, to find a nice place to sit down in the nature. It took me quite a while even though I knew the location of every park around. Still, there are only some benches, but no space to cozily sit down in the grass. After around an hour of walking, I finally found a great place on a huge stone at a small pond.
Sitting there, I took out my maps, guides and tiny helper-books and all the food and the milk I bought on my way and started organizing.

With time passing by, I started to feel a little cold, so I changed places a little. I was still at the pond, but now I sat down in the grass. Soon the sun came out of hiding and it became a super beautiful and warm day. I ate my Sakura special bread and Sakura-mochi filled tiny cake and drank my milk while reading in the Tokyo travel guide, I received as a goodbye-present from a friend.

It was really amazing and I enjoyed this relaxing time a lot (even though it was more like organizing time haha). After finishing the travel guide, I started to organize the next days, just to realize these 15 days here in Tokyo aren’t enough at all! Especially because the Sakura didn’t open yet, so I don’t want to visit some certain places too early.

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When I was done with everything, I packed my things and left to visit the Sumo museum, which turned out to be really… tiny. Still there were some interesting information and I bet it will be great with a tournament taking place there.

After this short trip, I decided to finally visit Tuboichi Café as well. It is located in Asakusa and not that far from my hotel (to be exact: it is inside the Marugoto Nippon building I already visited). Here I had the most gorgeous Matcha-Lover’s Menu you can imagine! Matcha tea with Almond Matcha cookies, Matcha mochi and Matcha ice cream. Every single thing was delicious like hell!

I took my time finishing this expensive, yet super amazing menu and afterwards slowly walked back to my hotel.
Having arrived there, I started finishing my day-organization for almost every day. Only two are left now. One because I don’t know if I really should make the trip to mount Fuji and the other one because I couldn’t decide yet, what I want to do on my last day here.
Phew… I am relieved to have all of this done now so I can save some time the next days. Plus I used my day off well.

Good night~


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