March 24th

This day was the day oft he longest walks combined with the fewest attraction spots. I had two walks from around one hour and one walk from around half an hour just from spot to spot. And in between these spots, there was only ordinary city. Not even shops or restaurants other than LAWSON, Family Mart, AEON and 7 eleven were seen.

But first things first. I started with driving to Sengakuji station. The Sengakuji Temple was next to it and this was my first destination. It was a beautiful little temple, with surprisingly few merchandise shops. For me this is a huge advantage. I don’t really like all these souvenir shops at religious or spiritual places.
The Sengakuji Temple is famous for the graves of 47 Samurai, who were sentenced to commit seppuku. The story behind this is in short: Their Lord Asano Naganori was forced to commit seppuku. The Samurai avenged his death, which didn’t go unpunished. The Shogun decided their punishment.
Their graves are all next to Asano’s, divided into four parts so every one of them has his grave according to the district he was from.

From this temple, I walked to the Happo-en garden. This is such a beautiful silent place, which has to be even more amazing, when the Sakura is in full bloom. Sadly I got there a little too early, so only the buds were open a little and everything got a light pink touch. Nevertheless the garden was beautiful. You could even watch a tea ceremony (for a fee of 2.060 Yen which seems rather expensive to me) or enjoy some sweets and tea for 1.050 Yen in the garden. I took some beautiful pictures there and also found some Koi inside the little pond which was in the middle of this garden.

After I got to rest some time at this stop, my first long walk was to be started. On this way, I found some little shrines here and there.

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Actually I wanted to go to the Shinagawa Houseboat and Shinagawa syuku, but I somehow wasn’t able to find them. Instead I got to the Ebara jinja shrine before I started my next long walk. This one really was simply walking. Nothing special was seen here until I arrived at my next and last stop: Tokyo City Keiba racetrack. It’s one of the few spots for legal betting in Japan. But I didn’t come here to bet on horses. I just wanted to watch a race and finally see some horses again. I actually also wanted to go to the kid’s amusement park and pony area there, but it was closed.

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Now my day was already over and the only thing left was my way to the next station, so I could take my train back to my hotel and buy some dinner (or lunch I don’t know it was 4 pm haha).


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