March 25th

Originally, this day was planned to be another relax-day. Two reasons made me change this plan: The first one is that I just wanted to go to a maybe happening festival this evening so I wanted to spend this day in Asakusa. With the festival only being later this day the rest would be somehow wasted, so I decided to use it on visiting Ueno and Yanaka near Asakusa. The second one is that tomorrow is said to be a rainy day so I will use this day better for a day off.

I only walked the whole day and I got to see so many amazing things! This is my “I-took-the-most-pictures-day” I guess.

But let’s start from the beginning: I got up really late today and somehow suddenly changed my plans into visiting Ueno. So I just packed everything and started my walk. On my way I found a store in which everything was just super keen. So I bought some noodles for 19 Yen and some orange juice. The noodles came out to be completely non-flavored so they didn’t taste that well but the orange juice was so damn great! Then I walked on to my first destination, the Kaneiji-Temple. It was a beautiful temple and the first time I felt like I was really visiting Japan, because I had to take off my shoes before entering. Sadly taking pictures was prohibited inside, so I just have some of the outer area.

From here I moved on to Yanaka Ginza. On my way I got to see some super beautiful and cute Japanese styled houses and so many temples everywhere I looked. Yanaka really was like I always imagined a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

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At Yanaka Ginza this feeling just increased since here were so many small and tiny shops which sold almost everything! I bought some food here and got into many of the shops but didn’t take many pictures.

From here, I got somehow back, because Ueno Zoo and Ueno Park were my next destinations and I walked past them first. Nevertheless I didn’t take the same route back, but changed it a little, so I got to see some other shops and buildings in this beautiful part of Tokyo. Here I found a cute shop selling Mochi and similar things as well as a Sakura special which I bought immediately.

Arriving at Ueno Park, I was searching hard for some already blooming sakura trees, but I found just a few. Most of them sadly still weren’t in bloom. However those which had already opened looked just amazing!

While walking through the park, I got to the entrance of the zoo, bought a ticket and spent several hours here. It was so much fun and they had some amazing animals I never saw before. Not even in one of our zoos. So I took tons of pictures here. Enjoy them if you have got some time kkk

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After that I was really tired so I just walked through the park and across it’s Sakura street with non-blooming sakura trees and then walked back to Asakusa. Here was the festival supposed to be in the evening. Because of that I walked to Sumida Park and found many people sitting on the ground like in Ueno Park as well. They met for hanami, even though the sakura trees weren’t blooming. Some of them also wore a Yukata. It didn’t look like a festival though, so I decided to go home and return here later again (This is what I will do now~)


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