March 27th

For today I had a very easy program planned at first. This got somehow changed a bit yesterday after I spoke with my family. We talked about buying judo black belts at the Kodokan, so I checked on the internet where it was located. What I found out: It was only a 20 minutes’ walk off from one of my stops today so I decided to quickly change my plans a little and stop by there as well.

I walked to Asakusa Station and took the trains to Kagurazaka. Having arrived here, I checked my Tokyo guide, just to find out the pages were titled “Kagurazaka” but actually I should have gotten off the train one stop earlier at Iidabashi station. Good job me, I thought and took out my phone to check my location and Iidabashi on maps. It happened to be only a 10 minutes’ walk, so not that horrible as I thought.
After this bad start, I walked to the Kodokan. It was raining the whole time again by the way. Temperature was at 3°C with some additional stormy wind. Horrible day to walk several kilometers.
Nevertheless, I made it alive haha. After several fights with the wind (Umbrella-san and I won every single one of course), I arrived at the building.

Right at the entrance was the shop where I left all my cash to buy two black belts. Then I took the elevator to visit the Judo Museum (2F). They had many interesting and awesome exhibits here. It was really worth visiting! (Plus, there was no entrance fee~)
At 8F was a space to have a look at the Dojo from above. Arriving here, I found a tournament taking place. I was really happy and sat down to watch the judoka fighting for some time before I started my way back. This time to Iidabashi station.

The walk back was almost the same like the first one. Wind, rain, cold, me and umbrella-san fighting against all at once.
Next to the station was the Canal Café. I jumped in without buying anything, because they only took cash and I had no money. Their sweets looked gorgeous anyhow.
Now I walked back to Kagurazaka station. Every little shop I wanted to visit here was directly on this way so it was the best I could do. At the street, there were so many cute shops which sold food or porcelain and glasses and quite a few other things as well. I stopped almost every five meters at another one to have a look at their gorgeous supplies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After I finally got to Kanazawa station, I bought some food and got some cash again. Now I took the trains to Ebisu (first I checked if this really was correct but luckily, I didn’t make another mistake). Nevertheless, I had to take another walk to my original destination: Daikanyama. Here I also walked around and stepped into some small stores. I wanted to visit Kyu Asakura House here the most, but having arrived there, I found out it was closed on Mondays. So I only walked down to Meguro river, which had so many sakura trees all around it’s riverside, but they also weren’t in bloom. In addition to that, the river had almost no water inside at the moment so it wasn’t as beautiful as I thought.

Then I walked back to the station and stepped into a seven eleven mart. Umbrella-san was left outside at the umbrella station. As I got out of the store, I found him stolen. I was really sad about this and since someone must have mistaken him with his or her umbrella, I took another similar one. So, let me introduce you to umbrella-2-san (speak it “umbrella-ni-san” so it could be “umbrella 2” or “big brother umbrella” hahaha #feeling super funny right now)

On our way back to Ebisu station, something really bad happened. My shoes somehow tangled and so I fell on the street. Now my hands and knees are hurt and I couldn’t walk that well today from that moment. Still I followed my plan to drive to Ueno station and walk home from there, stopping by at my most loved store to buy some beer and mochi for my next evenings. After that really hard walk home, I took a bath and drank two hot latte macchiato to relax and now I am already done for today.


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