March 28th

I had some long walks today again. In the late morning, I walked to Asakusa Station to take the train to Ginza Station. There I wanted to visit Mitsukoshi Ginza store, which I skipped last time I was around. I can tell you this shop is amazing! It’s unbelievable how many shops are inside and how many different things are sold there. Sadly it wasn’t allowed to take pictures in there so I had to be careful and shoot some things with my mobile phone cam only.
I saw so many clothes, shoes, accessories, interior décor, dishes, plants and of course foods! Here are some I could capture.

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This hue building caught me inside of it for around two hours. Then I started to walk to Chidorigafuchi park. Walking past some seven eleven stores, I stopped at one and bought my lunch. Some minutes later I arrived at Hibiya park and sat down there to eat my lunch. This small park was really beautiful, even though it’s next to two big streets.
Having eaten everything, I was full of energy again and continued my long walk all around the Chidorigafuchi park. I thought about renting a boat and driving on the river to see the sakura trees, but walking on the path, I had a similar view and was able to take some great pictures for free!
Enjoy the beautiful part-blooming sakura~

I walked almost completely around the park and then continued to walk to Ozu-Washi (a paper manufacturer) and Edoya (a shop for brushes). Both stores had amazing stocks! I took some pictures there as well.

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After I have visited both these shops, I walked to Akihabara again. Here I tried to get some street pass connections but this did not really work out well so I soon decided to head back to my hotel. After walking five times the same way up and down, I found the right station and took my train home.

On my walk back, I finally bought something I wanted to try already at my first day in Asakusa: some Matcha sweets from a shop at Nakamise dori. It was so damn delicious!


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