March 29th

I’ve been in Japan for 2 weeks already. Time really flies! You can also see this at the sakura trees. As I arrived here, there was no sign of them blooming at all but now I can see more and more blooming trees everywhere!

They are truely beautiful. 

So today was my great do-the-laundry-day. I also already packed almost everything so it will be easier in two days when I will have to change Hotels.
My good fried backpack-san grew a little bigger but both of us still fit in the capsule very well.

After I was done with all this, I got out for a walk to Sumida Park. There I got to see these beautifully part-blooming trees. I sat down underneath one and had a picnic. 

Sadly it was too cold to sit outside for long so soon I had to get up again. 

I decided to head back to the hotel then and just relax inside so I will be fit for tomorrow, which will be an exhausting Day for sure. 
Having arrived at the hotel, I played Pokémon and ate lunch.

Later I got out for a walk again and bought another fish shaped sweet. It was delicious again!

Now I will take a bath and then go to sleep. Good night~


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