March 30th

This day was a very expensive and exhausting day. After only a few hours of sleep, I woke up at 6 am. Soon I packed everything, got dressed and started this day around 7:30. My first stop was Lawson store, to buy some stuff for my breakfast. Then I walked to the train station and took those several trains to my first destination: Showa Kinen Park.

After driving around for 2 hours and walking another 30 minutes, I finally arrived at one of the gates. I had to pay an entrance fee and after that I could walk inside of this amazing park. My walk through it lead me first to Komorebi Hill, where I found an amazing forest with beautiful paths to take. This park was the first one that made me feel like I truly was in the middle of nowhere with no big city around. It was amazing!
Crossing this hill, I got to the flower hill and Komorebi Village with some other beautiful spots around. Here I found the most perfect sakura trees which were in full bloom!

My day already couldn’t get better after seeing these wonderful sakura trees. Having taken several pictures, I continued my walk through the park to the Japanese garden. It was just like I imagined: Wonderful and perfect from every angle. I could relax a bit here and way too I had walked all around the pond in the middle and found myself leaving the garden again.

Afterwards I got to the huge open field with its two Flower Gardens (East and West Field) and the Cherry Blossom Garden. Sadly, the Sakura trees as well as the flowers from West Field didn’t bloom yet. Still it was amazing. So, I looked for a place to finally eat my breakfast.


Then I directed my way to the station once again. It was already around 1 pm and I got nervous because I did not know how much time I’d need for my next destination: Mitake and the Tama River.

I had to be in the train for another hour until I finally arrived at Mitake station. Only one second after I left the station, my first thought was “Wow…. How beautiful…” I was amazed and overwhelmed by the scenery and nature all around me. It was simply beautiful.
My first stop here was a soba restaurant with a great view on the river.

It was no problem to find the restaurant but several times harder to communicate with the staff there. My Japanese isn’t the best and I was glad to be able to ask “May I eat here?” so they showed me an empty table and gave me a menu in English. I decided for Soba noodles with radish which turned out to be spicier than I thought. Nevertheless, it was delicious!

Feeling full now I started my walk next to the river. My knee already got better so I could climb up and jump off the rocks around there without any problems. The atmosphere here can’t be described in words. It was just so unbelievably amazing and peaceful and silent. I think I have been at the most beautiful place in the whole world!
Please just have a look at some of the pictures I took there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My original final destination was Sawai station. In this small town, I bought a homemade manju which was super great as well, and then participated in a Sake-Tour. Sadly the man only talked in Japanese, so it was really hard for me to understand even a few pieces. Nevertheless the information sheet he handed out (it was in English) explained everything he showed us in short. All in all I still think this tour is a great experience, because you can have a look at how sake is produced.

When the tour was over, it was already around 4 pm. My way back home would be 2 to 3 hours once again, so I would have to go back soon. I decided to still follow the river further and just walk to Ikusabata station instead of taking the train from Sawai. During this 45minutes walk, I took several other pictures and just enjoyed the aura of the area.

Way too soon I arrived at the train station and had to say goodbye to Tama river and Ome.
In the train, I already started to feel the exhausting day. I got tired very soon but I made it to Asakusa station without falling asleep once. Now I only had to walk back to my hotel until I could rest and relax before going to sleep.


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