March 31st

I woke up this morning and got a message from my mum that told me „Yesterday opened two Detective Conan Cafés. One in Harajuku and the other one at Omotessando. Here you can look up the locations”. Since I already wanted to visit one of these Cafés in Shibuya, but couldn’t find it, I absolutely had to go there. So I packed everything I had and hurried to take the next train to drive to Omotessando.

I knew it would open at 11 am, but I also knew there would be a huge line of people waiting to get into the Café so I was already worried as I arrived around 9:45 am there. There were already about 50 people waiting in front of Tokyu Plaza so I lined up and waited until they opened 1 hour later. It took another hour for me to get a seat inside the Café but it was absolutely worth it! The food was expensive, but tasted so unbelievably great! Plus it was really much I got. And I was allowed to take out the bottle in which my drink was served.

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There was also the possibility to buy some merchandise, but I stayed strong and left around 1 pm without buying any further stuff. Now I walked around a bit and then returned to my hotel around 3:30 pm to get my luggage. Today I had to change into another Hotel. And I can tell you the short way (around 1 km) was really hard to take with all that luggage I had to carry. In addition to that it started to rain, so umbrella-2-san had to protect me.

My new room is pretty cool though. It’s a room all for me with a real bed and stuff haha and finally the internet connection works so I can update and chat with my family and friends again. And I finally found these amazing matcha Macarons I was looking for since my first day here.

Tomorrow I will have to leave this place as well, but I’ll meet my Host-family then. I am already so excited!!!


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