April 1st

The great day had come today! I finally got to meet the amazing family, who’s let me stay at their home for 20 days!

I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep yesterday. That’s why I stayed at the hotel’s bar after I had my free drink. It turned out to be a great decision, because I met some very friendly people there. I had a lot of fun, got to try several Japanese snacks and “oden” and some also bought me a drink (sake 😍). It was an amazing evening!

I got to sleep late and woke up very early in the morning. The first thing I did was packing everything and making some coffee. The Detective Conan bottle turned out to be amazing for this purpose.

At 8 am I could get some breakfast for free at the hotel. They had Toast and sweet bread, strawberry and apricot Jam, Butter and peanut Butter. I really liked it!


Then I checked out and left my luggage at the hotel for some hours so I could walk around a little an just enjoy my time left in Tokyo. I got to get a look at more and more blooming sakura trees and I literally couldn’t stop smiling, even though it was raining all the time.

On my way I found something that looked like a market, but it turned out to be some kind of festival. There were some food trucks and several street shops as well as manufacturer shops where you could make your own souvenirs. I decided to make a mount Fuji shaped sakura soap. It was really fun, even though I guess it was meant to be for kids. I enjoyed it a lot and the soap turned out great I think.

Afterwards I just sat down at one of the desks and had a look at this small festival. I also got to talk with some of the people (some sort of Japanese-English mix, but we were able to communicate really well). Nevertheless I started to feel cold after a while, so I moved inside the building which turned out to be Sumida City office. Inside another festival took place: The draft beer festival. For 4.500 Yen you could enter and drink as much beer as you want from several different companies. I really thought about doing it, but I had only a few hours left until I’d have to pick up my luggage. In addition I never intended to get drunk, especially not on the day I’d meet my host family. So I just warmed up a little inside and then decided to walk back to my hotel. One food truck caught my attention as I stepped outside the warmth: They sold Sakura Latte and Sakura Crêpe I absolutely had to buy. I was delicious!

The sakura Latte helped me to stay warm on my way back. After I stored everything I carried with me away, I took my luggage and walked to Asakusa Tourist Information Centre. Here I took the elevator to the top floor and enjoyed the view on Asakusa and Sumida. Nakamise Dori and the Sensoji Temple looked amazing from up there. Nevertheless I started to feel cold once again, so I took a seat at the Café at the same floor. Here I ordered a Matcha tea and then I sat down in the warmth to enjoy the view together with my tea while waiting for the family.


Around 4 pm they arrived and I took the elevator back to the first floor. While I did that, they got up to the top floor, so we missed each other. But in the end, we managed to meet and they took me with them in their car. Unfortunately the oldest son stayed in Tokyo, because he’ll attend at a university there, so they had a big goodbye today as well.

We got to their home, which was around two hours from Tokyo, by car. For dinner we stopped at a rest area and bought some delicious ramen. Afterwards we continued to drive to their house. We talked much, even though my Japanese is horrible and their English is not the best. It was still so much fun! Everyone is so caring and they are really friendly.

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At their home they showed me my room and I was amazed to be able to sleep in a futon on tatami! They also showed me their onsen and afterwards we just sat together in their living room, had some beer and juice, nuts and “Baumkuchen”, an originally German food, that is sold under this German name in Japan as well. It tasted a little different from the ones I knew from Germany. Nevertheless it was delicious!
We simply talked and spend some time together there for some hours until we all got to bed. I decided to take a quick bath in the onsen and now I’ll go to sleep as well.


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