April 2nd

I spend my first day at my host family now. It really is amazing! Everyone is just so friendly and kind and they are trying so hard. I can’t believe it.

For breakfast Okaa-san made pancakes just for me and she prepared some bacon and I could also take syrup or chocolate cream and I got some strawberries and an orange. It was delicious! They had orange juice and coffee for me too.


Afterwards I dressed and walked a little outside. This town is amazing! It is surrounded by mountains and it is a real resort town, so there is nature all around! I walked around in the town and walked up a hill as well. The whole time I was near the river and a so many beautiful views on it. I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

I had walked for around two hours as I got to an information center. Here I found several guides and maps from so many attractions. I took the one with me which seemed to be interesting to me. Then I had a crazy walk back. I didn’t take the bridge, but wanted to take a 30min walking. The map I had looked at earlier showed the track clearly. Sadly, it was next to a highway. And there was no space to walk. So I had to walk on the street. On the highway. Somehow, I was afraid of dying.

As soon as possible I walked down a stairway so I could walk in the valley right next to the river. It was amazing! After a while I got back up so I could look for my way back to my new home. It wasn’t hard to find the street I just walked on earlier and so it was easy to find back home as well.

Having arrived there, I found out that I had only spend 4 hours outside and there was plenty time left, so I asked if I could help Okaa-san and Otoo-san. They own a hotel and therefor there is always something to do. I helped preparing the dinner for their new guests and then got up into my room again.

Since it’s Sunday, I skyped with my family for some time before walking downstairs to help cleaning the dishes. Then we all had dinner as well and oh it was so damn delicious! I loved it! Everything. And it was so much! I am super duper full now and I already start to get tired.

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