April 5th

Today I learned a lot.

This morning I slept very long and then had great breakfast together with kaa-san. Afterwards I decided to go out for a while. So I dressed and took my bags and (for the first time since I came to Japan) my music. I walked next to the river in the direction I hadn’t visited yet.

The weather was amazingly great and it was around 17 degree Celsius outside, Sun shining the whole day.
I walked for around 30 minutes and then took a break to dance in the Sand at the river. And holy shit I missed Dancing a lot!

It was so much fun even though I was alone.

When I was done with all Songs I wanted to practice, I took out my camera and started to take many many pictures.

One of them turned out to be amazing! I feel like a model now haha

On my way back I used severeal Spots for more pictures and practiced my selca-skills a little more.

Having returned home, I noticed that I just walked the way to the next family mart without noticing. The place I stopped at to dance was right next to the store 😂

Later this day I helped preparing dinner for the guests and I am becoming more of a help with every Day I am here. It makes me really happy because I want to thank watanabes for everything they do for me and like this I can help at least a little bit.

Suddenly some of the Kids came to the Kirchen, Telling that there were some monkeys outside. Kaa-san and too-san told me to quickly follow them and so I did. And oh my god directly next to the house there were fine monkeys playing and runnin around. So cute!

After everyone had dinner, I talked some more with kaa-san and teached her some more german, while she teached me Japanese. kaa-san and too-san also thought about the Best kanji for my Name and so I learned how to write mine and theirs as well.

This day was really successfull!


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