April 6th

I had a super amazing day! The Sun was shining and it was just so warm!

After breakfast I started my walk to Ryukano Fall. It took me around one hour to get there and then I had to take a path up the Mountain. 

Soon I couldn’t hear any noises from the street I just left and could relaxed immediately. I was in nature once again and everything was peaceful. 

Nevertheless the path was an Adventure in itself. Sometimes I had to climb up some Rocks or tree logs. But the view I had was worth everything! The Fall was simply amazing! I could feel the water splash at me when I took the pictures. 

On my way back I stopped at two other falls to practice my selca-skills some more and the pictures turned out to be quite nice I guess. I also had a break here an sat down for some minutes to drink and relax and enjoy Nature. 

Way too soon I grabbed my bag again continued my way back home. 
Here I started to pack my backpack, because tomorrow I will change into another room. Then I helped preparing dinner and doing this continued my whole-time Workshop about Japanese cuisine. 

Afterwards I spend some time with kaa-san and too-san and learned some more kanji, some New words and how to talk about the Date.
I also told kaa-san these things in german (and I had to realize: german is so god damn difficult 😅)


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