April 8th

Today I helped seting up the dining room and it turned out to look amazing! It is just perfect and I thought “wow this is great” when we were done.


Then I got out for a walk and ended in family mart, buying this New ice cream from häagen Dazs. It’s mochi style and I can tell you: it’s delicious! Really amazing!  I also bought these macaroons. They are differentl flavoured. Lemon, strawberry and matcha. Yummy~


Then I continued my walk to play Park. I had to get up a hill and through a forest. Here I saw the most scaring sign I ever spotted in my whole life. “beware of bears” holy shit I kept thinking about what I could do if one appeared in front of me. Luckily this didn’t happen.

I walked through the play Park and saw some parents with there children here. It was nice, but mainly made for Kids. Nevertheless there was a work-out-path you could use and an onsen but it was a really hot day (or maybe because I had to climb this Mountain) I didn’t feel like taking a hot bath. So, I decided to go back home. On my way, the Wind became heavier and soon I started to feel cold. Now I wished I had entered the onsen.
I instead took out my two jackets, my scarf and my hat and felt like I was in Deep Winter again. Dressed like this, I returned to my host family, just to find them preparing a hammock.


I couldn’t resist and spend the left time of this day inside, watching Marvel’s daredevil.
For dinner we had baked mochi which tasted somehow like cheese. I tried them with natto and it was delicious!



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