April 10th

I had a perfect day! It started with a gorgeous breakfafst this morning. Then we g out to drive to a Supermarket.

On our way we saw many beautiful sakura trees. I was already overly happy. Having arrived at the store, we took the cutest tiny shopping car I have ever seen and got in. Here we looked for flour, sugar, butter and milk, so I will be able to bake a cake tomorrow.
After we finally found everything, we got bak to the car and drove to the next shop. Here we bought some apples and snacks, drinks, ingredients for dinner and lunch bento boxes.

I thought we’d drive home after we bought everything, but I was wrong. Kaa-san took me to family ranch to show me sakura trees and the horses there. You shoul know: I love horses, so I was so happy to finally be able to see and touch some again. In Germany, I usually get to see them twice a week. Here in Japan, I didn’t see one for one month. It’s really hard for me…
Sadly the sakura trees weren’t in full bloom yet. Nevertheless it was already beaeutiful!

We bought some amazing ice cream here and got to the gift shop afterwards. Here I got to try some cheese and sweets.

Then we got back to the car and drove home.

After we ate lunch, I made “Apfelmus” (applepuree) from the apples we bought and then I prepared the Vanilla-pudding, I’d need for the cake.

Some minutes ago we had fish for dinner. I actually didn’t like fish, but I still tried this one and I really liked it. Maybe I’ll become a fish lover here?

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