April 11th

Today I made a cake. Yes. The whole day. It has 9 cake dough layers and 9 cream layers in between. It’s huge. And it took much time to make it.

Even mixing the dough and the cream wasn’t as easy as it would have been at home. I had different ingredients and different cooking utensils. While mixing both, I re-decorated the whole kitchen. With dough and cream. I had to clean up everything afterwards…

When everything was prepared, I had to build the cake. So, I placed dough, cream, dough, cream and so on until it was done. Back at home, I always had too much cream. Even though I made the same amount here, I had to use the whole cream and could have needed even more. Now only decorating the cake with chocolate glaze is left. I never did this before. Gonna see what the cake will look like when its done..~

Have some pics of the “Making of”:


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