April 12th

Another bad weather day. It was super windy the whole day and I felt really exhausted. So, I used this day to organize some things for summer.

My family will come to Japan in august and we want to climb mount fuji. To do so, we had to make a reservation for a mountain hut. Easier said than done. The websites were all in japanese. Luckily I got help from kaa-san. She made the resservation for us and told me what was on the website.

Another thing to organize was our time in Nasushiobara, where I am now. Originally we planned to stay at my host family for 3 days. Sadly this wasn’t possible, so we had to change our plans and book new hotels. I looked for many and finally found one that was affordable, yet near my current location.

After everything was done, I looked up my train routes and talked about it with kaa-san, too.

Then I got to think about my cosplay plans and made a list, just to find out I will never be able to do everything I want to do up to now. I am already at a total number of 186 Cosplays. And I will watch more than twice as much Anime I already watched… I just… Can’t haha

Well… So much has to be done when I’m back in Germany… Very very much.


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