April 18th

Today was a very sunny and hot day. So I walked around a lot and relaxed in the sun. I even took a nap for an hour. It was amazing! The whole scenary here is calming me and it gets even more beautiful with the sakura trees starting to bloom now.

I am really sad that I will have to leave soon. Time went by so fast I can’t believe it. More than a month is already over and I will be hearing further north in less than 2 days.

This evening I have finally been at the foot bath and holy shit the water was hot! I felt like it was burning my skin at first but after I waited some time, I got used to the Temperature and was able to move on to the even hatten areas.

The ground had some different Stones on it, so many different Parts of your feet were massaged. This felt really great.

When I got out of the first bath, I got to another one which was even hotter. But they made it very well since the Temperature was like this:

1st bath 39~42 degree Celsius

2nd bath 41~43 degree Celsius

What wasn’t that good though was that in the second bath the Windows have been opened. So, the cold Wind made my flesh creep and because of that the hot water started to burn a lot again. I had to hurry to get away from these Windows and when I finally left the second bath, my feet and the whole part of my legs that touched the water was glowing in a Red colour.
All I could think of was my brother who told me it would be fun there.

After I had some time to relax, the burning feeling faded and I noticed that my feet felt really relaxed and didn’t hurt at all. So in the end it was great there~


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