April 20th

Thank you for everything! I can’t describe how I feel with any words. I am so happy that I could stay at your home, so sad I had to leave, so thankful for everything you’ve done for me, so overwhelmed by your kindness and the way you welcomed me! This was such a hard Goodbye today.

A Goodbye to the beautiful City nasushiobara and more important a Goodbye to the most amazing and kind family I ever met.
We started the Day early with a breakfast at 6:30, so we could leave in time for the Kayak Tour we had planned. But before I could even think about leaving for the Tour, I had to say my first Goodbye to sawa, who had to go to school. It wasn’t easy at all.

Some minutes later, we drove to the huge suspension bridge and waited for both of our guides to arrive. Then we changed into the right clothes and brought our kayaks down to the water. Here we recieved a short explanaition on how to sit in the Kayak, how to move forward or turn and what to do when you Fall out/Turn over.

Then everyone got into their kayaks and we started.

The Wind was quite strong in the beginning so we took our time learning how to kayak in a small area of the whole river/sea.

As the Wind became weaker, we moved on to a second bridge and then further down the river. At some point we went ashore and walked and Literally climed down to an amazing viewing Spot for the near Fall. It was amazing! We could see the Fall through a hole inside of a Mountain. It looked like a tunnel and behind it, there was a small pond and the Fall.

Things like these can’t be described by words. It was amazing! And the water around was so clear!

Way too soon we left that place and returned to our kayaks. We then got back to our starting point and here the Tour was over. I can’t describe how great this Tour was. I especially love doing any water Sports and in addition to that the whole beautiful nature around was stunning, overwhelming.

Everything there was so calming, quiet, peaceful. I wished this time would never have ended.

As soon as we got back and changed again, we had to drive back home.
On our way we stopped for some Moments at a viewing Spot from which you could see the suspension bridge from high above. It left me breathless.

As soon as we arrived home, we had to prepare lunch and when we were done eating, I only got my luggage and it was already time to leave. We took some last pictures together and then I had to say my second Goodbye to too-san. He stayed at their home.

Kaa-san drove me to nasushiobara station and here I had to say my third and last Goodbye. It really wasn’t easy and I know i will miss them a lot. I started to feel at home there and it will be hard to get used to being alone again after the amazing time I had there.

I had decided to Travel to Sendai via local trains and so I got a Ticket and soon I was inside the first train, some minutes later already inside the second.
In koriyama, I somehow managed to miss my train even though I was at the gate in time, so I had to wait almost ones hour until the next train arrived. From that Moment everything went smoothly and two hours later I was at my next hotel.


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