April 22nd

I decided to buy a One-Day-Ticket for Loople Sendai today.
Nevertheless, I walked to my first stop: Bansuisodo. It is the last residence of Bansui Doi. He is popular for writing the lyrics of a well-known Japanese song “Kojo-no-Tsuki” and “Tenchi Ujo”, a collection of poems.DSC_0002

From here I walked to Sendai station to purchase the One-Day-Pass. I got to get a Loople Bus immediately and so I got to Sendai Castle Site again. Today was less cloudy and I got to see the huge statue of the Goddess of Kannon at the Horizon. And let me tell you it had to be really huge!DSC03573

Then I took the bus to Tohoku University Botanical Garden, where I spend around 1 hour just walking around and enjoying nature before I continued my route to Tohoku University Natural History Museum. It wasn’t that big but there were many interesting things shown. They had several skeletons of historical animals and human, fossils, stones and minerals. All together with many interesting information. I also decided to get a kids-map on which I could fill in some left out spaces in the information text and stamp some pictures. It was really fun (although the information texts were all in Japanese so I had to try my best copying the kanji).

The next stop for me was Sendai Sankyozawa Traffic Park Power Plant and 100 year electric historical center. It was small but had an extra kids’ area and showed the history of electronical devices.

From here I took the bus to Osaki Hachiman Shrine. I was also very beautiful. There were several Sakura trees all around and the scenery was stunning. I took my time to look at everything and was especially amazed by the colorful details I found everywhere.

Next was Sendai City Office. As I got off the bus, I found a street market taking place. So, I walked around and took a look at the shops and sometimes got to try this and that. When I arrived at the Sendai City Office, I found it closed and just walked on to my next stop: Animate Sendai. It was hard to find because it was only a small Café inside a huge building. I had to get up to the top floor and on my way, I visited every floor. At some you could buy clothes or accessory and at several others they sold anime and manga merchandise, soundtracks, different CDs and many many books and manga. I was amazed and just enjoyed taking a good look at everything. Then I started to go back to my hotel.

I walked through Jozenji Dori and Hirose Dori and some Shopping streets. Here I stopped to buy my first meal this day: Curry Soba. Later I also bought some Matcha sweets at Mister Donut and finally at Starbucks coffee to buy the new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino. Everything was simply amazing! Delicious!


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