April 24th

My feet are hurting. Today I walked a lot!
I started at my hotel and walked to Sendai City Office first. There was a Tourist Information Center as well as a little exhibition about Sister Cities of Sendai, but nothing really big. Then I continued to Rinno-ji Temple. After walking for around 30 to 60 minutes, I got to the Temple.
Arriving there, I found some sort of photo shooting taking place. They had parked a white car in front of the temple and a girl was dancing while they took pictures. It was kind of funny to watch all this.
Nevertheless, I tried to not interrupt them and took my own pictures here. When they had removed the car, I could take pictures of the temple, too. Then I walked to the Japanese Garden and enjoyed the beautifully arranged nature all around as well as the amazing buildings which always seem to fit in perfectly.

I took my time there and then started my way to Toshogu Shrine. On my way, I stopped at several other Shrines and Temples and sometimes I also managed to take the wrong way.
After a quite long walk, I finally got to Toshogu Shrine and somehow didn’t even notice. I thought it would be a little longer to walk and that I just found another shrine on my way but I was actually already at the shrine XD

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So, I visited the shrine without knowing and then walked on, just to notice after quite a while that I walked already too far. So, I had to walk all the way back. Somewhere on my way, I got to a graveyard with amazingly beautiful sakura trees I had to capture. It was breathtaking to see such beauty at a graveyard. I only stood there for a while before continuing my way to Tsutsujigaoka Park.

I managed to walk several wrong ways again and after an hour finally arrived at the park. I could already see many sakura trees being in full bloom and I was amazed. It looked so unbelievably beautiful! You could sit directly underneath the blooming trees in the grass and enjoy everything around. I stayed there for two hours, eating lunch, enjoying nature and relaxing eventually taking a short nap underneath the trees before continuing my way. Now I only had to finally find Sendai City War Memorial Center.

First I walked to Sendai station and then continued to Bansuisodo. From here I followed the Information Signs which were everywhere around. Still it wasn’t easy and I walked several times in a round until I found it.

Inside the building there was an exhibition at one floor. Sadly, everything was in Japanese and because I didn’t know if I was allowed to take pictures, I just took some shots with my phone before leaving to finally go to my hotel. Now I am really tired and I need to do something good for my feet.

Have some Sakura of the day pictures here:


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