April 26th

Today I made a trip to Sakunami and Yamadera.
First, I took the train very early in the morning to Ayashi Station. From here I wanted to take a Bus to a waterfall in this region. It wasn’t as easy as I thought to catch the right bus but finally I found the bus stop. I had to wait almost one hour for the next bus and then I was inside for another 30 minutes before I arrived at my stop.
There I got off the bus and walked to the very beautiful waterfall.DSC04132

After taking several pictures and enjoying the view, I continued my walk to Sakunami Station. On my way, I walked past Nikka Whiskey Distillery, but since I am not that much into Whiskey (more into wine beer and sake), I decided to just walk past here.

I walked for almost 45 minutes until I arrived at Sakunami Station. Here I took a bus to one of the beautiful Onsen in this area. I spend around two hours inside and took a bath in three different Onsen (one was an open-air bath and it was amazing!), drank milk afterwards and then had some Gyoza for lunch. I really enjoyed this and took my time to relax completely inside. The different baths were all very clean and beautiful and the water had always just the right temperature.

When I was done with everything, I took a bus back to Sakunami station and from there I took a train to Yamadera. Sadly, it started to rain on my way and the whole time I was in Yamadera was very rainy. Nevertheless, it is an amazing spot you should really visit when you have the opportunity!

The Sakura trees were still in full bloom here and there were so many! I felt like I was in heaven~ After I walked several times up and down the main street, I finally got upstairs to one of the temples here. There were also many beautifully blooming sakura trees everywhere around and I enjoyed looking at them for a while before I started to climb Yamadera. It has 1015 stairs you have to take to get to the top and to see all highlights at this route.
The view you have from up there is worth everything! Believe me. I got to the Godai do first. From there you can look at the whole valley and the river and the mountains around. It left me there breathless. I was amazed and enjoyed this view a lot!

From here I continued the last few stairs to the temple on top and after watching it for some moments, I started my way back. Not only back to Yamadera Station, but back to Sendai and my Hotel.

Some time later, I met with a friend I met on Sunday at the Shrine Festival. We found out we are both German and so we could talk a lot. It was amazing. Today we met to eat dinner together in a hotpot restaurant. It was delicious and at the same time everything but expensive! And I am so full now! Walking to my Hotel wasn’t easy… Now I am satisfied and tired XD good night.DSC04234


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