April 29th

DSC04296Today I spent my first whole day at the lake and it didn’t start that great. It was super duper cold and rainy. And I thought I’d have to stay inside the whole day.

Nevertheless, the breakfast was amazing. Such a western styled breakfast. Toast and butter and jam, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, juice cornflakes. Everything very western. I honestly enjoyed it a lot. Even though I really love Japanese breakfasts, I somehow missed the typical western style bread-breakfast. So, I took my time eating all these and drinking so much coffee and hot chocolate…~

Then I got to my room and just watched some videos (Ghibli movies and finally Marvel’s Captain America Civil War) until it stopped raining. Then I got dressed, took a bike and made a little tour (well I thought I got very far but I didn’t even move around a tenth). Later I found out the sea has an extend of 46km and that’s not even the length of the road around it so I stopped dreaming about going around the lake by bike and just used some beautiful spots to take pictures and to relax.

In the evening, I got back to the Hotel and made some dinner. First I had to find out how to use a rice cooker. A Japanese rice cooker on top. But it turned out I did everything right and just had to wait longer than I thought. My eggs got already cold and I even ate one until my rice was ready but finally I had a great yummy dinner~PICT_20170429_154356


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