April 30th

The last day of April~ this also means I am one and a half month here already!

Today I made a bike tour. Actually, I wanted to drive all around the lake (yes, I thought about it again), but after I drove around for one hour and checked my position, I found out I had almost one sixth of the whole way done and so I decided to just go back instead of continuing.
The main reason for this decision were the mountains and my bike. I had to get off several times, because it was impossible for me to drive up a road. It just got harder and harder to move my legs and even though I did my best, I always became slower and slower and almost fell, so I had to get off and walk to the top and then drive back down again.

It was quite exhausting and when I did my break after an hour and I found out that I didn’t get as far as I thought (once again), I just decided to drive back and relax the rest of the day.

Another reason for this decision is, that tomorrow, my training will officially begin. I will start my training-plan for the half marathon (my first whole one) in October and I don’t want to be completely worn out from riding my bike for ages today.

I am already very excited and can’t wait to start jogging again. Especially at such a beautiful spot like this one~
Now I will take a shower and then maybe watch some videos and go to bed.


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