May 30th

Today was my last real (complete) day in Japan. I still can’t believe it. Two and a half months are already over. It’s been so fast! I feel like I arrived just yesterday in Sapporo. The flight is a huge step for me. I am scared and nervous. Not only because of North Korea but… Continue reading May 30th

May 29th

Today I jogged 21km. The first time in my life. And immediately afterwards, I could feel the ache already. Walking back to my hotel was not as good as I thought while I was jogging. But drinking once again and taking a shower were very great and relaxing. As well as my breakfast. After this,… Continue reading May 29th

May 26th

Today I walked very much. After having breakfast, I changed into summer like short clothes and started walking. I wanted to visit the Hokkaido Historical Village. To get there, I had to walk around 2-3 hours. Luckily it was super warm and sunny today, so I really enjoyed walking there. Nevertheless, my walk didn’t go… Continue reading May 26th

May 24th

Today I had planned to go to Mount Moiwa, together with the guy from New Zealand. However, I didn’t receive his message telling me that he couldn’t come today. So, the day turned into h whole mess. I waited one hour and then decided to go to the mountain on my own. Having arrived there,… Continue reading May 24th