May 1st

May 1st

It’s May already! And this means, in a few days, I will be here for two months. And I will leave Japan in less than 30 days. Time went by really fast somehow.

May means also this is my official start of my training schedule and so, I started my day with a jog at 5 am. And afterwards I got to sleep. And yes. I didn’t go BACK to sleep. I couldn’t find any rest last night, because it was super windy and around midnight, there was a light earthquake and afterwards I was awake. And so, I stayed up until 5 am, got out for a jog, took a shower, ate breakfast and then got to sleep.

I slept quite long afterwards and just relaxed a little inside. Around 4 pm I made some lunch-dinner mix and then grabbed a bike to drive to the lake again. Here I stayed for around two hours and waited for the sunset. It got very cold, but I enjoyed just sitting in the grass next to the water watching the sun. I stayed there even after the sun had disappeared behind the mountains just to watch the sky redden even more and it was so beautiful!

When I started to not feel my fingers any longer, I grabbed my bike and returned to the hotel to heat up a little and rest.DSC_0009DSC04388


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