May 3rd

Yesterday the hotel I stayed in became really crowded. It is completely full now for the next three days because of the Japanese Golden week. What was good about that, is that I could meet so many nice people. We talked a lot, using a mix of Japanese and English.

Everyone here is really international and I became friends with a nice and kind French guy who could also speak German! It was really fun meeting all these people and just staying with them. That’s why I completely forgot about the time and writing something about the day.

Now… Let’s start in the morning. It got very nice and warm early and after I had breakfast, I changed my room (because my fist room was for two persons and with so many people staying here they needed the beds). When this was done, I grabbed a bike and just got to the lake and visited the temple.

On my way back, I stopped at the beach and just relaxed in the warm sun. The feeling was amazing! It was really hot and I enjoyed it a lot!

In the afternoon, I returned to my hotel and met more and more people and I spent the whole evening with them.


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