May 4th

Today is Star Wars day I guess~ So May the 4th be with you!

I had an amazing day. It started at 5 am with a jog and a beautiful view on the lake. It was really amazing. Nothing can be compared to such a beautiful nature spot. It’s the best to relax and calm down again for me. I really really love this spot a lot! I am so happy I can stay here for 10 days!

After my morning run, I took a shower and then had breakfast before meeting my new friends. We got to go to a secret viewing spot then and were able to look at the lake from more than 300 meters above. Such a view was breathtaking. You should try to go there when you come to Towadako, too.

Afterwards we made another friend and made a super international group of four people from Germany, France, Russia and China. It was kinda funny and we enjoyed the time we spent together a lot. We decided to take the bus to drive alongside Oirase and get off at one spot to walk back to the port where we could take the ship back to the small town in which our hostel is in.

The walk was quite long and took us around 4 hours but it was worth everything. There were so many beautiful spots and everything we got to see was amazing! There were so many waterfalls and white water rapids that looked so unbelievably beautiful! We didn’t hurry and took our time to enjoy nature together.

In the end everyone was very tired and we were really happy to arrive at the ship port finally. After this boat tour, we bought some ice cream and I also had a grilled mochi stick and then we got back to our hostel. The others had to change the hostel today so I will use the rest of the day to relax a little.


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