May 7th

Today I woke up early and had the last breakfast at Towadako Lake. I took some Toast and juice with me and then left the Hostel around 10 am to take the bus to Aomori.

On the way we drove through so much snow! It looked amazing. Some of the snow mountains have been higher than the bus. The way was so different in temperatures. When we left, I could walk easily with my jogging pants and a shirt and a jacket without feeling too hot or too cold. Then we had so much snow all around and when I finally arrived in Aomori, it was just so warm! I had to change into shorts in my hotel immediately.

Nevertheless, it’s super windy or rather stormy outside. No bike remains standing here XD

After I got to my amazingly luxurious room, I walked a little around and enjoyed being at the coast so I could finally see the Japanese ocean~ Then I returned to my hotel and skyped with my family.

Now I will only take a shower before going to bed. Goodnight~

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