May 8th

Today I walked once again a very long distance. This morning, I did my training and jogged 5km, took a shower and had breakfast. Afterwards, I started to walk along my route.

First stop was the Gappo Park. It is next to the ocean and I could walk along the beach! I was really happy and without all that storm, I might have tried to take a bath. But it is way to stormy here. Sadly. But there is another thing that makes this park even more amazing. Sakura trees~ The trees bloomed very pretty and I enjoyed walking around there.

From here I had another hour to walk until I got to the Buddhist temple with a huge Buddha Statue “Seiryu-ji”. It was amazing just looking at it. I took my time here and also enjoyed to have a look at the other buildings, such as the temple itself and the Pagoda.

Then I continued my route and by saying “continue” I am actually saying “walking the whole 10km back to the tourist information center”. My next destination was close to the center. The Nebuta House Warase. Here you could visit Nebuta, which are lantern floats, used at the Nebuta festival. They have a unique look and are very famous. The Nebuta festival attracts a lot of people. Here the Nebuta are pushed along the streets so you can watch a parade of these lantern floats. The festival is related to Tanabata festival (Star festival).

Next to this building (which was also build in a unique way), I got to “A-Factory”. Here you can buy anything related to apples, from apple juice and apple alcohol to apple sweets, apple jam and apple butter as well as thousands of apple souvenirs and seasonings or apple-flavored foods. They had some restaurants there, too.DSC04881

Then I walked on to my last destination: the port. I wanted to have a look at everything and make my reservation for the trip to Sapporo on Wednesday. On my way there, I got to the Memorial ship museum and couldn’t help but visited it. The design was amazing and I could visit some rooms that were just like they had been when the ship was used, as well as some rooms that were turned into a real museum. The most amazing thing here was the control room and the deck. I really liked to get a look at everything inside as well as the beautiful bay from on top of the ferry. A funny thing was that the museum wasn’t only about the ship, but also about some trains and in the 1st floor, they had even some real trains exhibited inside the ship.

It took me half an hour for each way (from the Museum to the port and back), but on my way back, I could finally walk on top of the huge suspension bridge (Aomori Bay Bridge). I enjoyed it a lot and stopped several times to just look at the ocean and the mountains.

When I got down the bridge, I found myself being at the tourist information center once again, so I took the opportunity and bought some souvenirs. Afterwards I finally got back to my hotel and enjoyed what I could see of the sunset (because of all the clouds, I decided to not try to see a beautiful sunset from the bay, but to try this tomorrow).


Tomorrow I will be heading to Hirosaki. I desperately hope that the cherry trees are still beautiful and didn’t already pass their full bloom.


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