May 9th

Today I made a short trip to Hirosaki. I took the train there and happened to sleep almost the whole route.

When I arrived, I started my tour. First, I wanted to see the Castle. So, I walked to Hirosaki Park. Here I could see so many beautiful Cherry trees! Sadly, many of them had already faded. But the remaining ones were still simply beautiful! I couldn’t get enough of those. Inside the park there were also some beautiful gates and bridges to admire. And the most amazing thing was the Castle! They built up a small wooden tower so you could see the castle as well as the mountain behind it. It was breathtaking! I just looked at both for such a long time.

From behind the castle, I could get an even better view on the mountain. Here I found out, that the castle has a museum inside, which I visited as well. They showed many pictures of the castle at different locations. First, I thought they just showed similar castles. But soon I got to watch a video of how they just moved the whole castle from one point to another! And they did this already many times! It’s unbelievable, but they keep moving the castle around at this plateau. There are already some specialists only for moving this castle.

The museum wasn’t only about how they moved the castle, but also showed the original castle from the inside and I could look out of the windows and walk around everywhere inside. It is always amazing to have a look at these traditional buildings. I enjoyed it a lot.

After I had visited everything here, I walked through the Sakura tunnel, which was now only green, to another exit of the garden. From here I continued my way to the Japanese Fuji Memorial Garden. This was actually two gardens. The upper garden with some sakura trees and some beautiful statues as well as a traditional Japanese building you could also enter. The lower garden was built around a pond with many beautiful trees and flowers all around as well as a tea house and a small waterfall. There were also some bridges so you could cross the pond.
When you ever get the chance, I highly recommend visiting a Japanese garden. They are somehow perfect and beautiful from every angle. I love these gardens a lot.DSC05076

I walked through this garden and left it at the opposite site to continue my route. The next stop was the Choushou-ji Temple. To get there, I walked on a street, lined with other small temples. It was really beautiful! I met several students there as well. All of them were carrying a sketch block and their pencils with them and many had already sat down to draw. I found out it was a school project and there were at least six teachers walking around and checking what they did.
I felt like the main attraction though. Everyone looked at me and there were silent whispers of “mitte, mitte” or “gakkoi” (“look, look” or “how cool”) to e heard. Some of the students greeted me and others asked me questions like “Do you have a boyfriend?”. Some also just threw English words at me (“Hello, Thank you, I like you, Bye bye” in this order without any pause). It was kinda funny.DSC05091

After I had visited everything here, I walked on to my last stop in Hirosaki: The Saishou in Temple. It had a beautiful Pagoda and an amazing graveyard behind it. And the temple and the temple ground were beautiful as well.

Then I returned to Aomori and to my hotel, but not for long. I wanted to see the sunset, so I got out again and walked up the bay bridge to watch the beautiful sunset. Afterwards I finally returned to my hotel and packed everything for my leave tomorrow.DSC05124


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