May 10th

Today I moved from Aomori to Sapporo and it was hella exhausting!

I got up around 6am and packed everything that was left before I got down to eat breakfast. Afterwards I took everything I had and started walking to the ferry port. And let me tell you: Aomori is not as big as Tokyo but big enough. It took me more than one hour to get there and then I had to wait for the ferry. For around two hours.

The route to Hokkaido was also longer than I expected. We arrived there after 4 hours on the ferry. But I really enjoyed it. They had beautiful passenger rooms as well as also some rooms to sleep for free usage. There were even showers inside and in every room was a TV. It was a great trip.

When I arrived at Hakodate, I had no idea how to get to the station. I originally wanted to walk there, but even without my luggage I would have needed at least one hour. Far too long for the train I wanted to catch. So, I had no choice but to get a taxi.

Having finally arrived there, I bought a non-reserved seat ticket for the next Shinkansen and looked for the gate so I could wait for my train. After some waiting, I could finally enter the train and another 4 hours of travelling began.

It was already dark outside when I arrived at Sapporo station. Here I had to find the subway station and take the next train to my Hostel. After arriving at my final stop, only a few minutes of walking were needed and then I finally arrived. So, after more than 12 hours of travelling, I am pretty exhausted and tired now. Good night.


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