May 12th

Today I went out to explore Sapporo. I didn’t want to visit everything that was interesting to me already today so I could take my time for everything.

I walked from my Hotel to the center of Sapporo and first got to the Hokkaido Jingu, a small temple inside the city. From here I continued to walk to Sapporo TV Tower. It isn’t that high as the Tokyo Tower, but still impressive. They had an own character for the tower here and inside were several souvenirs related to the tower.
I could get to the 3rd floor without any entrance fee and from here I had a great view on the surroundings.
On my way down to the 1st floor (I decided to walk back down) I found some posters hanging there, showing the different TV towers in Japan and comparing their height and explaining a little about them. Every tower had a special character, so you could tell easily which one was the Tokyo tower.

From here, I walked through Odori park to my next destination: the famous Clock tower. It is a cute old building with a clock at the top floor. I had fun taking some pictures here.DSC05185

Then I continued my route to an amazing building. It is a shopping center with a ferry wheel ON TOP OF THE ROOF! It wasn’t hard to find and I first took the elevator up to the roof and here I got on the ferry wheel. The view I had was amazing! It was really worth the entrance fee. Plus, it is no ordinary ferry wheel, but one on top of a building~DSC05197

My way back down lead me through the different floors of the shopping center and I just looked at what they sold. The best was a manga, DVD, cd, cosplay, wig, doll, toy shop, which was declared as “casual lifestyle”.

Then I walked back to the Odori Park and took another route, through the Sapporo Tanukikoji shopping street. Here I jumped into one or another shop and just looked at what they sold.

Now I had one stop close to the park left: The Former Hokkaido Government Building. The building itself was made in a similar style as the clock tower and was very pretty. Around it was a park with beautifully blooming sakura trees everywhere. It was amazing and unbelievably beautiful! I was really happy I decided to visit this park today already.

After I looked at everything and walked through the whole park, I started to walk back to the Hotel. In the Odori park, I stopped once again to eat an ice cream and just relax and enjoy the flowers and statues and water fountains.DSC05192

Then I walked back to the hotel and made myself some lunch-dinner before I got to my room to plan the next days and relax some more.


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