May 13th

Today was another Sapporo exploring day. I walked First to Sapporo Factory, which is in fact a huge shopping center. It contains of four buildings with restaurants, food shops, fashion and accessory shops, sportswear and sports gear shops, outdoor shops, interior shops and museums as well as DIY workshop halls plus an amusement hall and a cinema.

I guess I wasn’t even close to visiting everything. Here they also had a “Bier Keller”, a beer testing shop and a brewery museum, which had only a few information in Japanese, so I didn’t understand.

After I walked around here, I continued to walk to Sapporo Station. It was another huge shopping center somehow, but I didn’t really visit the shops, but walked to the JR travel service center to buy a Hokkaido Rail Pass for five days. I planned to visit several cities quite far away from Sapporo, so I decided this Pass would be a lot cheaper than buying every single ticket. My five day tour will start on 17th (because of the weather forecast) and end (obviously) on 21st.

I want to visit Noboribetsu, Lake Toya and Lake Shikotsu, Cape Soya, Otaru and Niseko and Hakodate in these five days and I desperately hope to get to do everything I want.

After I was done there as well (and now had a lot less money) I walked to my last stop today: The Sapporo Beer Museum. Being German, beer is well known to me and I really like every kind of beer, so this was a must-see for me. And I enjoyed it a lot. The entrance was free and every information was shown in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English. This was the only spot I took photos toady.

And here I had another “Only-in-japan” moment. They sold beer-jelly, beer-chocolate and beer-cake. This truly is something I only saw in japan.

When I had left the museum and the shop, I got to the “Star hall”. Here I bought the beer tasting set and some cheese and got to try three different tastes of Sapporo beer. All of them were delicious and I can’t even tell which one was my favorite. Every single one had something I liked.

After this, I got outside and found another huge shopping center, I entered. Inside, the beers I  showed their effect. I am a very fast drinker and so I get drunk easily. Walking home wasn’t as easy as I thought, but I eventually made it.

It was a great day, even though it wasn’t as sunny as yesterday and rather windy instead.


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