May 15th

Two months have already passed since I came to this beautiful country. I can’t believe how fast the time went by… I got to see so much already and it still feels like I was only a few days in Japan.

I spent 15 days in Tokyo, visited so many different places. Afterwards I spent 20 amazing days at my host family’s home and got to enjoy the beautiful nature, the mountains, the river, he small town as well as their support and love. Then I was one week in Sendai. The perfect length for this stay. I had enough time to visit everything and not too much to get bored. Plus, I made a new friend there.
Next was Towadako, the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen! I got to relax a little and made another new friend here as well. I also enjoyed riding a bike again~ Soon I had to leave this beautiful place to the next destination Aomori. The four days were also a very good length for the stay there. The scenery was amazing and I loved to be at the Japanese coast. And now I am at my last Japanese stop for now: Sapporo. It’s already my sixth day here! I really can’t believe it!

Today I had another jog in the morning. After taking a shower and having breakfast, I walked outside a little and got to another shopping center plus supermarket. Here I bought some fruits and meat and also tried on some clothes. In a 100 yen shop, I bought a hair pin for my growing hair, so I have now several options to keep it from going on my nerves when it’s windy.

Afterwards I walked back home and made some lunch-dinner (I filled a halved pepper with the meat and some cheese and put it in the microwave~)


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