May 16th

Today was a super rainy day. Still, I wanted to go out to a “Let’s talk” program. At Sapporo Communication Plaza, there are several and I wanted to go to the English one and the German one.

So, I walked through the rain for one hour and had to search a lot until I figured out which building was the right one and where the entrance was. Because of this, I was a little late. This was no problem though. I just could sit down at one group and we started talking about random topics. I got to know many different nice people and we went to eat lunch together. Afterwards I stayed with one guy from New Zeeland since the both of us had some time to kill – I had to wait until 6 pm for the German let’s talk and he had to wait until 5:30 until he had to go to work.

After we talked a lot and it was about time to leave, we agreed on meeting afterwards again. I walked to the Plaza again and soon the German let’s talk started. It was fun as well and I finally got to talk in German once again. The most amazing for me was, that there were most Japanese people at this talk. And their German was really good!

Here I got invited by two guys to a dinner and some chess and so the four of us spent the evening together in a restaurant. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed having nice people around me again.


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