May 18th

Yesterday was a very long day. I got up at 5 am to go out for a jog. Then I had to hurry getting showered and making breakfast, so I could start the walk to Sapporo Station on time. My train left at 8:40 and it was an hour to walk.

The train took me to Toya station and from here I took a bus to lake Toya. It was very beautiful and first I just walked around a little at the coast and enjoyed the nature.

Then I took another bus to the ropeway station at mount Usu and afterwards the ropeway car up that mountain (it is actually an active volcano!). On top of that volcano, there were two observation decks, I visited. From one I had an amazing view on lake Toya. From the other on lake Shikotsu (both lakes are really close and the whole area is the Toya-Shikotsu national park). It was amazing and I was sad that I had to hurry and take the next ropeway car back. Down at the station, I did some shopping and bought Matcha chocolate rice cakes.

Again there was not much time and I had to take the bus back to Lake Toya soon. Then I had two hours at the lake. I used them to walk around and enjoy the statues and the nature all around. I also visited the volcano museum and the tourist information center which had both interesting information on the whole area and nature as well as animals living there.

In the afternoon I took the bus back to Toya station and there the train back to Sapporo.
Here I met with a guy from New Zeeland whom I met at the Communication Plaza. We walked around Sapporo together and I managed to get a little drunk. That’s why I ended up getting home really late and just falling asleep there.


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