May 19th

Today was another hella long and exhausting day.

I got up at 5 am so I could have breakfast before walking to the station to catch my train at 7:30. It took 5 hours to Wakkanai and here I had to take a bus that took another hour to Cape Soya. Today’s destination. It’s Japan’s northernmost point. It’s really close to Russia.

There are several amazing monuments and statues at the coast and on top of a mountain and I used my short time there to look at all of them and take some pictures. Sadly, it was super stormy and I sometimes was about to get blown away. Seriously. I didn’t even dare to leave anything hanging at my backpack (like my jacket or not even the plush heart) because I was too scared it might get blown away. Several times I almost fell because of the intense wind. It was really hard. Plus, on top of the small mountain the wind was even stronger.

Nevertheless, I made it back alive and took the bus back to Wakkanai. Having arrived there again, there were about two hours left until my train would depart. I walked around a little at the coast and did some sight-seeing, but it was very windy here as well. So, I got back rather early and decided to wait inside for my train back.

The whole way back, I slept in the train and someone had to wake me up at the final stop. It was a little embarrassing. I decided to take the subway back home because it’s been already past 11 pm and I still was hella tired. And I am now even more. After walking from the station to my hostel and changing into my pajama. All I want to do is sleep now.


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