May 20th

Today was somehow relaxing compared to the days before. I woke up around 5 am but soon fell asleep again. I got up for real around 7 and was ready to leave soon. The train to Otaru was only about one hour and when I arrived, I felt like being on a summer vacation. It was so hot und sunny and felt like summer! I was really happy.

I had prepared a route, which I followed and so I managed to get to all the tourist and photo spots as well as some shopping streets.

My route started at the station. It was the first photo spot as well. From here I continued to the first small shopping street. There were not that many interesting shops, so I was soon at the end. Here I had to search a little for the next shopping street and when I finally found it, I found out it was more about sea foods and fruit or vegetable shops which are rater expensive. So, I walked through here fast as well.

At the end of this street, I turned to the side and walked towards a small shrine and an amazing photo spot from which I had a view on the port as well as Otaru. It was amazing and I couldn’t really capture it in a picture. I stayed at the temple for a while before finally continuing my route. Next stop was another shopping street, but first the photo spot at the beginning of it. It was more like several photo spots in one point. All around this point were beautiful old buildings, which are used as shops or cafes now. I took many pictures and it took some time to walk through all these shops. Before I even realized, I found myself being already in the middle of the shopping street, still taking pictures of other beautiful buildings before walking in just to take a look at what was sold.
Most of them sold souvenirs or food, but I still enjoyed walking around there.

It was such a nice day and many people were walking around and buying the way-too-expensive ice cream. The further I walked, the more expensive it got. So, I decided to buy some ice cream later at a conbini where it isn’t expensive like hell.

From the end of the shopping street, I now moved on to Otaru Canal. Here were several beautiful photo spots and I took many pictures again. Walking there was really amazing.

I also got to the Otaru museum and the former Temiya Railway, as well as he former Otaru Branch of Nippon Co and Otaru Park. I never saw so many beautiful old buildings in this style in one city before. I really loved to just have a look at the houses and museums and walk around there.

From the railway, I walked back next to the canal until I arrived at the photo spot on the shopping street again. Here I gave in to my wish for a souvenir and bought a Melon-Kuma and some Hokkaido One Piece socks. Then I walked on to Minami Otaru Station and took the next train to Otaru and from here the next train back to Sapporo.

In Sapporo, I decided to not go home immediately, but enjoy the sun some more. So, I stayed for some hours in Odori park until I started to feel cold. Then I took everything and walked back home.

Even though it wasn’t as tiring as the past days, I’m still exhausted and tired and have to sleep so I can start tomorrow, the last day with my rail pass full of energy.


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