May 17th

Today was the first day for me to use my rail pass.
I took a train to Noboribetsu this morning and first visited the Date Jidai Mura Theme Park. Everything was about the Edo period and about Ninjas. It was quite fun being there.

When I first entered, I got to see several people in costumes. It was like their working-uniform and it made everything seem a little more real.
Inside this theme park, there were several rooms to try out on ninja games like throwing shuriken or blowing darts and many others. But it wasn’t only this. The whole park looked like old japan in the Edo period and there was a tiny “town” in which was shown and explained how the people lived back in Edo time and what work they had. It was very interesting and I took my time reading all the information. When I continued walking, I found some restaurants and food shops as well as souvenir shops.

Then I got to a small pond with a Ninja house, Neko-Goblin Temple and a haunted house as well as some theatres around it. I first watched the Ninja show that was really funny and well played. Then I walked through the Ninja house, which had many different rooms with a hidden door or tilted floors inside. It was quite fun.
The haunted house was a round way with short presentations that were all a little scary and funny. You had to press a button and then a curtain opened and the show was played.
Inside the Neko-Goblin Temple, they had a lot of special effects. When I got in there were cat eyes glowing in a window when I walked by, a cat’s tail falling down from above me, thunder, wind, several cat heads popping up in front of me or at the sides and several other special effects. When I left and already thought there wouldn’t be anything else, I walked through a corridor and suddenly the whole thing started to move. I got scared like hell and even screamed because I was in shock but it was the most fun of all three buildings.

After this, I had lunch before the next show started. It was in the culture theatre and the actors chose a volunteering man from the audience. He got to change and participated in the play. Everything was really funny and the man who had volunteered was a born comedian. I had a lot of fun watching this show.

Right afterwards was another very funny show in the next building. The story was about a former ruler and a young soldier, who travelled through the land to bring justice. In the mountains, they met a woman and stayed at her house together with her strange cat. Then an enemy appears who wants to force the woman to leave her house forever, but after a fight when the former ruler showed a symbol of his family, the enemy understood he was wrong and everyone was happy. It was made up in a really funny way and it was easy to understand without understanding Japanese.

The last show I wanted to see was the outdoor ninja show. I was there very early and just sat down and enjoyed the sun until the show started. They had some amazing ninjas, great fighting scenes and also many funny scenes. It was the best show out of all.

After this show, I walked to the bus stop and took a bus to Noboribetsu Onsen. Here I walked around a little until I got to Jigokudani (Hell Valley). It’s a dangerous zone that looks amazing! I really enjoyed the view I had here and took many pictures. It’s worth seeing.

Sadly I didn’t have that much time here, so I walked back to the bus station after I took the round course at Jigokudani and stepped into some souvenir stores on my way back.

Then I took the bus to Noboribetsu station and from here a train back to Sapporo. In Sapporo I got off the train and walked back home, passing by the TV Tower which was now lighted since it had already gotten dark. It was really beautiful. The day was amazing and I had a lot of fun! Both, Noboribetsu Onsen as well as the theme park are worth visiting and you better think about taking one day for each so you have enough time to enjoy both to the fullest.

(because of some reason I don’t know, this wasn’t posted… well.. so, I’ll post it now)


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