May 21st

Yesterday was the fifth and last day my rail pass was valid and I am sad and relieved about this at the same time. These five days have been tough and exhausting – even though I only sat in a train most of the time. Still, this was tiring more than walking around all day. And now I desperately need to rest a little.

Anyway, yesterday I took the train to Hakodate again. When arriving there 12 days ago, there was no time to walk around and enjoy the town. So, I had to re-visit there and it was worth it!

First, I walked from the station towards mount Hakodate. There was a ropeway as well as a walking trail to get up the mountain and I honestly played with the thought of getting up there. On my way, I walked past Hakodate factory and Hakodate Kanemori (Red Brick Warehouses). Both had several shops with souvenirs, food, shirts, ninja accessory, Japanese clothes and traditional accessory as well as glass articles and music boxes inside. It was quite a wide area and the old houses looked amazing at the bay.
I just walked around slowly, enjoying to look at these buildings that reminded me of German architecture.

From here I continued my way to the mountain, stopping at several statues as well as a Christian and an Orthodox Russian church and some small parks.

When I eventually arrived at the ropeway station, I had an a already amazing view on Hakodate and the coast and the ocean. It was stunning. I always feel overwhelmed when I get to look at a town from high up a mountain. Especially when there is the ocean to be seen as well.
Sadly, considering the time I had left there, I decided to leave it like this, enjoy the view from this point and then continue without getting on top of the mountain.

I really wanted to visit fort Goryokaku, a star-formed fort in the middle of the town. So, I took a tram there, what also took me around 30 minutes.
Having arrived, I first got up the Goryokaku tower. From the top, I had an amazing view on the fort and could easily see the star form as well as enjoy an overwhelming view on the whole city.
Even though I enjoyed it a lot and wished to stay there only a little longer, there was not much time left. So, way too soon I took the elevator back down and walked inside the park, I just had a view on before. Originally, I wanted to eat lunch there and just enjoy nature around. However, I didn’t feel hungry at all (maybe because the food-souvenir shops always had “try the food” boxes and I tried a lot of them) and also not that much time left. I also wanted to walk back to the station, but was too scared to miss my train. So, I once again decided to take the tram.

A few minutes later, I arrived at the station. Here I bought some small breads and then already had to go to my train. The journey back home was tiring again and I had a hard time not falling asleep.
When I finally arrived in Sapporo, I really didn’t want to take a train or bus or subway again. I walked back home and enjoyed the fresh and now slightly cold night-air.

Back in my hostel, I skyped with my family and felt the exhaustion hitting me very soon.


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