May 23rd

Today I tried to sleep long but failed at it and woke up at 7am. After a while of just lying in bed and doing nothing, I made myself some breakfast and then got dressed.

I got out and walked to Sapporo to attend at the Let’s talk for English and later for German as well.

It is quite fun to talk to all those people and everyone is very nice and friendly. I received some presents today, too. They also always eat dinner together at the city hall and keep talking after the original let’s talk is already over. I really enjoyed it.

In the evening I was at the German Let’s talk and got invited for another chess evening again. It was quite fun even though I was really bad and compared to all the pro-gamers around I felt like I was just not a real opponent for them. Still, I had fun.

However I felt rather tired the whole day and so I left early to get back to my hotel and go to sleep.


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