May 24th

Today I had planned to go to Mount Moiwa, together with the guy from New Zealand. However, I didn’t receive his message telling me that he couldn’t come today. So, the day turned into h whole mess. I waited one hour and then decided to go to the mountain on my own.

Having arrived there, I just noticed, I had no clue where to find the trail up. Google Maps was no help with that as well. So, I had to change my plan. I got quite mad on myself for wasting money for a tour that was completely useless and for wasting so much time. In fact, the tram I had taken stopped near the ropeway for mount Moiwa. But from that point the way to my now next stop was super long.

I wanted to go to the Hitsujigaoka Observatory Hill instead of hiking to the top of the mountain. Walking there from my Hostel would have taken me around one hour. Walking there from the tram stop near the mountain took me 1:30 hours. Plus, one hour to walk from my hostel to Odori station plus one hour of waiting plus half an hour of sitting in the tram. Such a waste of time. I was really angry and annoyed, so walking wasn’t really fun. In addition to that, on my way from the tram station to the observatory, there was not really something special to see and even worse: I chose the wrong way at some point and wasted another 30 minutes.

When I finally arrived at the observatory, it was already late afternoon. The weather wasn’t that nice as well. Still, the place was very beautiful and I enjoyed being there.
My mood lit up after that and I was a little happier and relaxed on my way back. In addition to that, I spotted several beautiful sakura trees and even a two-colored one, what really made my day.

In the evening, I finally arrived at my hostel again and felt just super exhausted (probably because I was so angry half of the day). So, now I just want to go to bed. Goodnight.


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