May 26th

Today I walked very much. After having breakfast, I changed into summer like short clothes and started walking. I wanted to visit the Hokkaido Historical Village. To get there, I had to walk around 2-3 hours.

Luckily it was super warm and sunny today, so I really enjoyed walking there.
Nevertheless, my walk didn’t go without troubles: the first route I was shown by google maps was closed or I don’t know what, so I couldn’t take this one. I turned around and walked back, trying to get to the second route I got to see on maps. However, some ways just didn’t exist or a part where they crossed on maps was in reality a path and a high up bridge crossing. So, it took around 30 minutes until I finally arrived at the alternative route. This one was completely correct with what maps showed me and soon I could see the main hall of the village.

I paid the entrance fee and then started looking around. I didn’t want to walk very far already, because I found out there would be a horse carried trolley and I wanted to ride on this one. So, I just looked around in the nearby buildings until it was about time to go to that trolley.
The short trip was amazing and I really had fun inside the special car. Plus: the horse was really cute and pretty. I was a little worried about how they would treat horses here, but everything seemed to be quite great. Immediately after arriving, they carried to horse to a special area where no visitors would try to always touch it and where it had time and space to relax a little after the tour.

From this point, I started the trip through the village. It was really amazing! There were famer’s houses, fishermen’s huts, a stable, storehouses, a church, a temple, a barber, printer, blacksmith, sweets shop and so on and so on. In total, there have been 52 buildings and you were allowed to enter most of them. I took so many pictures and spent 3 hours there.

When I had visited every building, I started my walk back. This time I decided for the alternative route immediately and got to see some beautiful spots on my way back.

The last 15minutes, I started to feel the sun setting already. It was starting to get colder. But it wasn’t really cold and soon I arrived at the hostel, feeling super exhausted again.


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