May 30th

Today was my last real (complete) day in Japan. I still can’t believe it. Two and a half months are already over. It’s been so fast! I feel like I arrived just yesterday in Sapporo. The flight is a huge step for me.

I am scared and nervous. Not only because of North Korea but also because I’ve never been to South Korea before. This will be my first trip there and I’ll be alone. At least I knew a little about Japan and Japanese people and about basics like how to take a train. In Korea everything is new for me. And I am scared. Very much. Yet, I am looking forward to visiting the second country of my dreams! I wanted to travel there for such a long time now!

My feelings are really mixed. I am sad that I have to leave Japan already, I am looking forward to my time in Korea, I am scared and nervous and unbelievably happy. It’s weird and I don’t even know if I will be able to sleep tonight.

However, I spent today like my last two Tuesdays here in Sapporo: I went to the “Let’s Talk” program. First the English one at noon, then spent a lot of time with some people I met there at the city hall, eating lunch and afterwards went to the German Let’s Talk and last to the Italian Restaurant to eat Pizza and play Chess. I enjoyed this talk-program a lot. It’s great for making new friends, meeting people, start talking and also (especially for me being German) finally being able to speak my native language again.


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