June 1st

Today was my first real day in Korea. I spent the day with the guy from Canada. We walked from the Hostel to the biggest palace, Gyeongbokgung palace. On our way, we decided to walk through one shopping district called Insadong. It wasn’t that busy because it was still rather early in the morning, so we didn’t spend much time there.
Also on the way to the palace, we stopped at Jongno Tower, which had a unique architecture. We just tried our luck and took the elevator to the top floor. There was a restaurant, but since it hadn’t opened at that time, we were allowed to take pictures from up there for free. The view was amazing!

Then we continued the way to the palace. We walked some time next to a beautiful stream until it ended at a waterfall. Soon after, we arrived at the palace. Here we found out there was a free English tour, so we decided to wait until this would start. So, we walked around a little, bought some water and lunch and got back to the palace after eating.

The tour took about one hour and was really interesting. I enjoyed listening to all the information the nice lady presented to us. The palace itself was beautiful! There were so many amazing buildings with pretty colors and unique architecture.

After the tour ended, we went to the pagoda that was close by and then took another look at some of the buildings we didn’t have enough time to look at closely with the tour.

Then, we walked on to another palace, Deoksugung palace. It was a lot smaller, but when we arrived, some sort of ceremony was held, so we watched it. The clothes they were wearing were really beautiful and amazing! I loved watching them.

After this, we just walked around the area of the palace a little, took thousands of pictures again and enjoyed the day.

From here, we continued to another shopping district, Namdaemun market and Myeong dong district. We looked at all the things, but only decided to buy some very cheap and amazingly tasty sweets (we even got one as a present there from the very nice lady selling those to us). After spending some hours there, we were surprised to find out it was already 7:30 pm so, we decided to head back to the hostel.


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